Corona Chronicles

The Corona Chronicles collection explores and preserves the stories of religious leaders across Texas as they have maintained their communities and navigated the challenges of  the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Throughout the pandemic, religious communities have faced challenges around whether or when to meet in person, what restrictions or guidelines to follow, and how to maintain community when in-person gatherings are not possible. Forms of practice, worship, and rituals have been transformed. And the roles of community and religious leaders have been reshaped. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, this collection delves into how the pandemic has affected the lives of religious leaders, from the mundane to the extraordinary, and how it has led to new ways of being community. It serves to document this historical moment for the future as well as help those living this moment make sense and meaning out of the changing nature of our lives.

This is an ongoing collection and we will be adding more interviews from leaders across various religious communities over the next year.

View interviews in the Corona Chronicles collection.