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Rene Slataper.jpg
This interview is with Rene Slataper, who is currently seeking a ministry license and ordination at Chicago Theological Seminary. He shares his upbringing in San Antonio, coming from a military town and navigating his identity at a young age. Rene…

Aurelia Pratt.jpg
This interview is with Aurelia Pratt, a Chicana woman, and lead pastor to a progressive Baptist Church based in Austin, Texas. The vision of Pratt’s church focuses on decolonizing faith, justice, inclusion, and liberation. Aurelia speaks to the…

Amanda Quraishi.jpg
This interview is with Amanda Quraishi, a Muslim convert and activist in Austin, Texas. Quraishi discusses her journey of converting to Islam and her story of becoming an activist within the community and beyond. She shares her perspective on the…
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