Religions Texas is a community archive and public humanities initiative that explores Texas as a site of religious encounters and a meeting place for people and communities from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. It's rooted in practices of oral history, storytelling, and community-based research.

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Amro Eltayeb

Amro Eltayeb.jpg

This interview is with Amro Eltayeb, an engineer in San Antonio, Texas. Amro talks about childhood memories like his father’s business and the ways…

Aisha Fall

Aisha Fall.jpg

This interview is with Aisha Fall, a Senegalese-American Muslim in Chicago, IL. Aisha shares memories from her childhood, including friendships,…

Suleiman "Sal" Masoud

Suleiman Masoud.jpeg

This interview is with Suleiman Masoud, an engineer and Palestinian immigrant living in El Paso, TX. Suleiman describes growing up in Palestine and…