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Religions Texas is a digital public humanities initiative that explores Texas as a site of religious encounter and a meeting place of religious difference. It’s rooted in the practices of community-based research, storytelling, and public history.

The southern borderlands of the United States have become a focus of media and political rhetoric, yet this rhetoric often does not reflect the complex realities of life in the region.  Occupying a central position within these southern borderlands, Texas has always been shaped by encounter and exchange among diverse cultural and religious groups. Over the last several decades, the state has experienced exponential growth in terms of its economy and population, which has further contributed to the creation of rich and varied religious and cultural landscapes. Currently, the state is home not only to the largest number of Evangelical Protestants, but also to one of the largest Muslim populations and the second largest Hindu population in the United States. Accordingly, the Religions Texas initiative documents the contours of the religious landscape of Texas and explores the varied ways in which encounters among religious and cultural differences shape identities, animate social movements, and form civic spaces.