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Saatvik Ahluwalia.jpg
This interview is with Saatvik Ahluwalia, an Indian-American political organizer living in Boston, MA. Saatvik talks about his mother’s influence on his values and activism work. He shares his journey toward self-love and pride in his culture by way…

Jessica Pires-Jancose.jpg
This interview is with Jessica Pires-Jancose, an abortion rights organizer working for Avow Texas in Dallas, TX. Jessica talks about moving around a lot in their childhood and their impressions of the different places they have lived. She describes…

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This interview is with Obaid Zia, a pharmacist living in New York City. Obaid compares the Muslim communities and diversity present in the different communities in which he has lived, including Houston, TX. He describes the profiling and prejudice he…
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